Love notes from past clients

What an encounter in my life!
I finally understood that being more assertive with my sensitivity and setting boundaries isn’t a flow, it’s being myself. Loving myself the way I am, breaking free from other people’s judgments, respecting my body, my heart and my soul is a whole.

I have been lucky to meet Marie-Louise, even though it was just virtually. To my great surprise, online coaching can create complicity and many more things.

Marie Louise is an inspiration. She showed me more than she explained that we are continually evolving and that it is GOOD,
We can change our life, adapt our projects as we go and it is GOOD.

If you ever cross path with her, don’t hesitate to work with her.
— Marie-Alice Legarda, Samoa Island

I had been suffering physically and emotionally for 4 years when I started to work with Marie-Louise. I had tried several medical treatments without any noticeable improvement. I just thought I had to live with my ailments without hope of ever getting better.
I felt like I was facing a wall, leaning on it not to scramble down completely. I admit working with Marie-Louise was not easy, I tried to warn her that the task ahead was immense, both to discourage her and not giving myself too much hope.

When I decided to trust her, to follow her advice and her lead, I had tangible results very fast, thanks to her ability to listen, her empathy and her know-how.
Working together, if not always easy, was always pleasurable. I had to step out of my comfort zone many times.

This work together was a turning point. It brought me back to life, literally. I now have a social life, energy and most importantly, I don’t feel pain anymore. I wake up serene, able to make new projects. One year later, results are still here.

If you get a chance to work with Marie-Louise, seize the opportunity, for her humanity and her compassion will support you along the way. Her softness, knowledge and common sense will reveal the best in you. Thank you Marie-Louise.
— Patricia D. Switzerland

Patricia has been up to amazing things, learn more about healthy eating and fantastic recipes on her blog in French and in English on her Facebook page and her amazing Instagram account.

Before I started working with Marie-Louise, I was overweight, tired and overwhelmed. I felt like I was trapped in a vicious cycle and that there was no way out. I was in survival mode.
Since we worked together, I lost 20 pounds, I feel more energized and I am learning to get organized and have more time. I even practice yoga twice a week, something I thought was impossible 6 months ago.
What surprised me the most is that making changes was really easy. With this program, I feel supported and guided. I’ve never felt like I was on a diet and I appreciate the global well-being approach. But more importantly, I’ve never felt tired or frustrated. I like that this is tailor-made and that we can feel safe and supported while taking progressive steps and making real changes.
I now take care of myself, when I used to claim that I never had time. I even started a new and exciting professional project. I now feel better in my life and I’m moving forward.
I would recommend this program to those who struggle to find solutions on their own, who are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired ! I highly recommend Marie-Louise for her gentle outlook, tough love style and genuine care. She just never gives up!
Yes, it’s true, it can feel sometimes a bit unusual or puzzling. You need to be craving for change and willing to try new and different ways. But it works!
— Nathalie D. France

Before I met MarieLouise, my diet was rather unbalanced and I needed a change. I felt like I would never be able to do it on my own. Marie-Louise was put on my path and she helped me to both overcome my anxiety and become more confident.

I learned how to change my habits gently, at my own pace. It was never difficult nor frustrating. I rapidly felt better, lighter, liberated. The whole family got involved for a very positive transformation.

Marie-Louise not only helped me fix my eating habits. We also shared a lot on children education, self-confidence, lifestyle design...

I can really say that in my life, there’s a before and an after Marie-Louise. And I’m really grateful for that.
— Kathy L. France

I went to see Marie-Louise in the first place to fix a health issue and I didn’t know that I was about to improve not only my health but also the whole organization of my daily life!
In just a few sessions, my health dramatically improved thanks to very simple food modifications. In a month of time, I found a lifestyle that suits me and my family. Marie-Louise supported me and showed me nice recipes that were actually easy to prepare. I am now proud to open my fridge and I have got back time and energy to accomplish much more everyday.
Thank you Marie-Louise!!!!
— Marie, China
After having my sessions with Marie-Louise, I was feeling energized and glowing! She gave me a new look on food and most importantly on veggies. Great tips and yummy recipes to cook for the whole family. I definitely recommend you call her for a first session! you will learn so much and feel great!
— Joséphine, Hong Kong