Coaching, from personal development to fierce humanity

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Fiercely human

More than personal development

I believe that there’s more to us than a collection of nice pics on Instagram (Says the Insta fan)

I believe in the kind personal development that connects us as humans, not wellness consumers


Make yourself better

We all love personal attention. We want the healthy body, firm booty, calm mind and toothpaste commercial smile on our face. But are we really ready to buy everything the wellness industry wants to sell us, though? Add to that the daily dose of social media that makes us feel nosy, messy and long for the Graal of perfection… Feel the guilt and anxiety already?


Or just be you

Ok, you already know you need to eat the greens, meditate and move (get organised, declutter, volunteer, recycle, …) But then, life happens. Fast. From major transitions and shit storms to daily anxiety and overwhelm, where do we find the inner space to investigate who we are and what we want? When do we plain and simple find the fucking time?


Well, I just hold the space for you and we schedule the fucking time. Using my 10 years of experience in the health and wellness field, I help you find out the practices that are right for you. Think healthy individualism. As a philosopher graduate, certified coach and mindfulness student, I guide through self inquiry. Like Socrates, but prettier (No offence, dude).

What then?



Not just for the Frenchies

it works from everywhere, see for yourself

After having my sessions with Marie-Louise, I was feeling energized and glowing!
— Josephine P. Hong Kong
I have been lucky to meet Marie-Louise, even though it was just virtually. To my great surprise, online coaching can create complicity and many more things.
— Marie-Alice Legarda, Samoa Islands
This work together was a turning point. It brought me back to life, literally. I now have a social life, energy and most importantly, I don’t feel pain anymore. I wake up serene, able to make new projects. One year later, results are still here.
— Patricia D, Switzerland

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