When Life goes too fast

When life goes too fast.png

Today is Rose’s birthday. She’s 9.

This is one of those days when I keep thinking everything is going too fast. And it’s not just because it’s my daughter’s birthday, that would be too corny. Although…

No, it’s because of the rhythm of life. When there’s more of everything, including projects, deadlines, school meetings, trips, gluten… It’s because of life, the pace I’m living it, the relentlessness of its demands, like a bumblebee bumping against the glass window, over and over again, until it dies. Or someone opens the window.

This very feeling is always a sign. If you ever get that feeling, here are the questions I ask myself. Maybe they’ll help you too.

  • Am I taking on too much? Sometimes the answer is yes and the questioning can end. Sometimes, we take on what we need, want or simply have to take, so adjustments are needed and we can carry on with a few more questions.

  • Is it the right moment to set some time aside and review my routines and daily organization?

  • When was the last time I took a break?

  • Am I having fun?

  • Do I feel inspired by what I do?

  • What are my conversations mostly about? (always a good indicator, are you complaining or exhilarated? note: complaining is different than acknowledging what’s not working)

  • Do I still have conversations at all?

Since I became the ambassador of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization in France, I feel the urgency more potent in my life and I need to consciously work to apprehend it in a way that is not draining. Every day, I think of all the event planners around the world and I light a candle for them!

On a serious note, after the humbling feeling, the pinch of pride, the excitement and the vast sentiment of responsibility, I started to feel fear.

Fear being overwhelmed by the tasks ahead (I’m no event planner after all), fear of letting down my family, fear of neglecting my own work. And of course, fear of not being the perfect ambassador the cause needs me to me. After a while, it was just a general feeling of apprehension. I had to do something or I would lose ground and traction. After all, this cause (women empowerment, sisterhood…) stirs me up since I’m a teenager! I needed The Questions.

None of those fears came to reality but I’ll be honest in saying that the feelings come and go. And that’s normal. And that’s ok, as long as I don’t lose sight of passion in everything I do.

The urgency, the speed, this constant movement when our life changes, it’s there. We need to do something about it. We can’t bury our head in the sand hoping it will pass.

We have a responsibility in how we label our experiences. How we turn them into an agreeable feeling or a painful experience.

When I feel I don’t have enough time to question my life experiences is precisely when it is most needed. This gives me a chance to notice that I stopped sharing the excitement of organizing a major event with my close family, that I can choose to have fun while doing it. This is when I can realize my old routine needs improvement, some grease here and there, a bit more self-care along with a hint of discipline in other areas.

You can keep the pace. You can move faster for a while. But it has to feel good. It has to inspire you. This is where you’ll find the nourishment you’ll need to actually do it.

Feeling inspired is my way to take responsibility for my experiences, to take back my power of decision, to add fluidity to the urgency.

When you choose to adapt to what’s coming your way, you’re not in reaction mode anymore. If you choose to go with the flow without trying to control every detail, you can feel in charge.

That way you’ll be able to decide when it’s time to slow down. That way you can take it when it’s time to sprint. That way you can open the window and let life fly. Freely.

I believe that we never really harness life.

But when we stop trying, we get to live it.  

Marie-Louise Corompt