When I choose my words

when I choose my words.png

I am awake. I am I. I am us. I strain my mind. I hone it. Restlessly, it wants to perfect itself. It yearns. It is in a hurry.

My soul extends. My heart out spread itself. My consciousness expands. My consciousness. The consciousness. Consciousness.

My words. Words. The Word. I am. Be.


I am awake. 

I am Magic. I create words, images, thoughts, actions, reality. It operates. A mechanism. A creative mechanism.

I am inspired. I inspire. Inhale. Life, beautiful life, magnificent. Mysteries. 

They speak to me. They invite me. 

I dare not. What if I dared? I dare!

It is beautiful and bright. Words are small and fragile in the face of the Mysteries. 


I listen. I hone my mind but it can’t comprehend. My soul extends. She can’t comprehend, but only because she knows.


A canvas. My heart. Gigantic. Infinite. Forgiveness, generosity, Love. I am words.

Annoyed, frustrated, tired, busy, outraged. Words. I chose my words.

I chose Love, Grace, Slowness, Gentleness, Peace. 


Life in Abundance.

PoemsMarie-Louise Corompt