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Work with me

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There's a way to go through life peacefully and yet energetically. There's a way for you to flow through your days like waves on the shore: calm but relentless, expansive and focused. 

If you wish you had that kind of energy, stamina or just even dedication, I'm glad you're here! For there is nothing like the coaching relationship : I'm not your bff nor your shrink. Think sisterhood, embedded to our cells, ancient wisdom coupled with modern connexion. 

I'm all about idealism in a practical way, and this is what you get when you work with me. I believe that we've been lacking vision and that is what makes us sad, tired, unfocused. Together, we explore who you are, identify your vision and bring back your mojo. Practical part is where we actually put it into action, in a way that fits you and suits your lifestyle. We actually design one that will get you where you want to be. So it's this constant movement of knowing what we want and making it happening. I'll hold your hand until you fly.

I work around 3 pillars : your vitality, your serenity and the fluidity you need to bring into your life. So the program is simple: 

  • Nourish your body (not just food related) to get energized
  • Root down to your heart, spirit and soul to find peace
  • Set up your lifestyle so that you can move mountains

If you feel like your life need a change and your tired of trying to change yourself, maybe it's time to try a different approach.

Not just for the Frenchies

it works from everywhere, see for yourself

After having my sessions with Marie-Louise, I was feeling energized and glowing!
— Josephine P. Hong Kong
I have been lucky to meet Marie-Louise, even though it was just virtually. To my great surprise, online coaching can create complicity and many more things.
— Marie-Alice Legarda, Samoa Islands
This work together was a turning point. It brought me back to life, literally. I now have a social life, energy and most importantly, I don’t feel pain anymore. I wake up serene, able to make new projects. One year later, results are still here.
— Patricia D, Switzerland

You like the idea of it, but you're not sure this is for you? Let's talk. This is not a sales talk where I try to convince you to work with me. It won't work anyway. Let's just see where you are and if this could help you get where you want to be. I love to chat anyway. 

You can book a 30min. free intro session right below. I'm looking forward to it.